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Spray insulations - insulate with foam

Spray insulations - insulate with foam

Welcome to the NUVOLA website. We are an Authorized Contractor for spray foam insulation in Demilec USA® technology. The registered office of our company is Olsztyn, Warmia and Mazury province. We also have our representative office in Pomerania province. We have a Certificate of Authorization that provides comprehensive training, consistent with the quality requirements of the manufacturer and confirming the extensive knowledge gained by us in the field of the correct application of polyurethane foams and protective coatings. We work only on the best, proven materials of the renowned Demilec USA® company, which have unique parameters and are covered by a lifetime written warranty. Our 16 years of experience in construction allows us to provide services at the highest level by choosing the most appropriate technology and product.

Insulation of buildings by spraying

We offer you insulation of buildings by spraying with polyurethane foam using modern, highly adjusted, special equipment implementing hydrodynamics. This method works well and can be used for insulation of all buildings:

Residential, especially in the attic

Industrial and production halls

Commercial and agricultural objects


Physical properties and methods of foam application enable it to reach the most difficult places sealing all covered areas. Spraying polyurethane foam is perfectly suitable for insulating construction elements, especially those with irregular shapes, full of joints.


Demilec polyurethane foam is used in residential, industrial and agricultural construction. Its advantages make it a great form of insulation in the era of constantly increasing heating costs. The foam used to insulate the building significantly, even by 40-50%, contributes to lowering the expenses incurred on this account.

Attic insulation

The attic insulation method recommended and used by NUVOLA has been known since the 1950s of the last century. Currently, it is an increasingly popular technique and more commonly used, successfully replacing traditional insulating materials such as polystyrene, fiberglass or mineral wool. Owing to its excellent physical and chemical parameters, it is the most durable way of insulating the building. An isocyanate and a resin (also known as a polyol) constitute the two basic components of polyurethane foam, thanks to which the creation of foam having the excellent properties of thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved.


NUVOLA offers a unique and modern SEALECTION® 500 product constituting phenomenal spray insulation of the attic, which main and most important advantages are:

no thermal bypasses

high resistance to adverse external atmospheric factors such as humidity or wind,

low heat conductivity rate

corrosion protection of steel construction elements,

protection of wooden elements against fungus, mold, and pests,

perfect tightness of the insulation - 120-fold growth makes the foam reaching the deepest corners,

perfect adhesion to any type of surface,

non-toxicity and health safety - it can be used in the food industry,

maintaining constant physical properties for many years,

simplicity and speed of application


acoustic insulation function.

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